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This group is for fans of Super Smash Bros. and any other Nintendo series, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and Pac-Man.
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With the announcement of Mewtwo returning to the roster via DLC I'm sure many people have been wondering who else will be DLC characters, with Lucas, Wolf, Ice Climbers, and for whatever reason Rayman being at the forefront of those thoughts.  Personally, while I wouldn't mind seeing Wolf and Ice Climbers return (especially since this could give Sakurai time to finally figure out how to get Ice Climbers working on the 3DS) I am more concerned about possible Newcomers that might be DLC and I'd like to know who you guys would like to see as DLC Newcomers.  My choices would be as follows:

Dixie Kong - The Donkey Kong series is probably the one who needs a Newcomer the most and who better than the only other Kong people care about in terms of playability?  She's the third main hero of the series and she would add something new with her hair whip, guitar, and bubble gum arsenal.

Viridi - We can all admit that there were so many other characters who could have represented Kid Icarus: Uprising better than Dark Pit.  Being introduced in the second half of the game, Viridi is up there with Pit, Palutena, and Hades in terms of importance to the story of KI:U and with her power over nature she would bring back what we lost when Ivysaur was cut.  Plus you could just see her wanting to join the battle to beat down all of the humans on the roster.

Wonder-Red - The Wonderful 101 is one of Nintendo's newest IPs and should definitely have someone on the roster due to how great that game is.  Wonder-Red would be a great addition to the roster as not only would he represent the Wii U (along with Alph), but he would be bring a whole new Universe to the mainstream.  Fun Fact: The music track Jergingha - Planet Destruction Form from The Wonderful 101 is used for the Mario Galaxy stage in SSB4 Wii U version.

King K. Rool - Much for the same reason as Dixie Kong, except that he's the main villain of the series.  He hasn't really been seen that much in recent years, but K. Rool is the villain we all prefer for the Donkey Kong series.  And with all of the personas he's used over the years, he is not without a good moveset.

Isaac - The main hero of the Golden Sun series.  It was saddening that the handheld version of SSB4 had nothing for Golden Sun, even though GS is a handheld series, and it just feels like the series is forgotten by Nintendo.  With Isaac's Psyenergy and skill with a blade, he would make a formidable opponent to anyone who would cross blades with him.  Besides, Little Mac shouldn't be the only one who got promoted from Assist Trophy to Smash Fighter.
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Eras of Smash

Era 0: 1977-1983

Color TV-Game 15 - Color TV-Game, 1978
Sheriff - Sheriff, 1979
Mr. Game & Watch - Ball, 1980
Pac-Man - Pac-Man, 1980
The Ghost Gang - Pac-Man, 1980
Mario - Donkey Kong, 1981
Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong, 1981
Luigi - Mario Bros., 1983

Era 1, NES Era: 1983-1995

Duck Hunt Dog - Duck Hunt, 1984
Devil - Devil World, 1984
Ice Climbers - Ice Climber, 1984
R.O.B. - Stack-Up, 1985
Bowser - Super Mario Bros., 1985
Peach - Super Mario Bros., 1985
Hammer Bro - Super Mario Bros., 1985
Lakitu & Spinies - Super Mario Bros., 1985
Excitebikes - Excitebike, 1985
Link - The Legend of Zelda, 1986
Zelda - The Legend of Zelda, 1986
Takamaru - The Mysterious Murasame Castle, 1986
Samus Aran - Metroid, 1986
Metroid - Metroid, 1986
Mother Brain - Metroid, 1986
Pit - Kid Icarus, 1986
Palutena - Kid Icarus, 1986
Solid Snake - Metal Gear, 1987
Gray Fox - Metal Gear, 1987
Little Mac - Punch-Out!!, 1987
Mega Man - Mega Man, 1987
Elec Man - Mega Man, 1987
Infantry & Tanks - Famicom Wars, 1988
The Koopalings - Super Mario Bros. 3, 1988
Chain Chomp - Super Mario Bros. 3, 1988
Starman - Mother, 1989
Marth - Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light, 1990
Dr. Mario - Dr. Mario, 1990
Meta Knight - Kirby's Adventure, 1993
Nightmare Wizard - Kirby's Adventure, 1993

Era 1.5, GB Era: 1989-1998

Kirby - Kirby's Dream Land, 1992
King Dedede - Kirby's Dream Land, 1992
Prince Sablé - The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls, 1992
Wario - Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, 1992
Pikachu - Pokémon Red/Green, 1996
Jigglypuff - Pokémon Red/Green, 1996
Mewtwo - Pokémon Red/Green, 1996
Red - Pokémon Red/Green, 1996
Charizard - Pokémon Red/Green, 1996
Squirtle - Pokémon Red/Green, 1996
Ivysaur - Pokémon Red/Green, 1996

Era 2, SNES Era: 1990-1999

Yoshi - Super Mario World, 1990
Captain Falcon - F-Zero, 1990
Samurai Goroh - F-Zero, 1990
Dr. Wright - SimCity, 1991
Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic the Hedgehog, 1991
Fox McCloud - Star Fox, 1993
Falco Lombardi - Star Fox, 1993
Andross - Star Fox, 1993
Ness - Earthbound/Mother 2, 1994
Jeff - Earthbound/Mother 2, 1994
Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong Country, 1994
Knuckle Joe - Kirby Super Star, 1996

Era 2.5, GBC Era: 1998-2002

Pichu - Pokémon Gold/Silver, 1999

Era 3, N64 Era: 1996-2002

Wolf O'Donnell - Star Fox 64, 1997
Sheik - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 1998
Ganondorf - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 1998
Young Link - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 1998
Skull Kid - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 1998
Tingle - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, 2000
Waluigi - Mario Tennis, 2000
Saki Amamiya - Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth, 2000
Villager - Animal Crossing, 2001
Mr. Resetti - Animal Crossing, 2001

Era 3.5, GBA Era: 2001-2008

Helirin - Kuru Kuru Kururin, 2001
Isaac - Golden Sun, 2001
Roy - Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, 2002
Starfy - Densetsu no Stafy, 2002
Kat & Ana - WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, 2003
Lyn - Fire Emblem: The Sword of Flame, 2003
Zero Suit Samus - Metroid: Zero Mission, 2004
Jill - Drill Dozer, 2005
Lucas - Mother 3, 2006

Era 4, GCN Era: 2001-2007

Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic Adventure 2, 2001
Olimar - Pikmin, 2001
Bowser Jr. - Super Mario Sunshine, 2002
Dark Samus - Metroid Prime, 2002
Toon Link - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, 2003
Ike - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, 2005

Era 4.5, DS Era: 2004-2010

Ashley - Warioware: Touched, 2004
Labrador - Nintendogs: Labrador & Friends, 2005
Dr. Kawashima - Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!, 2005
Lucario - Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, 2006
Ray MK III - Custom Robo Arena, 2006
Barbara the Bat - Jam with the Band, 2008

Era 5, Wii Era: 2006-2011

Mii - Mii Channel, 2006
Midna - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, 2006
Rosalina - Super Mario Galaxy, 2007
Wii Fit Trainer - Wii Fit, 2007
Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles, 2010
Ghirahim - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, 2011

Era 5.5, 3DS Era: 2011-present

French Bulldog - Nintendogs+Cats: French Bulldog & New Friends, 2011
Dillon - Dillon's Rolling Western, 2012
Dark Pit - Kid Icarus: Uprising, 2012
Magnus - Kid Icarus: Uprising, 2012
Phosphora - Kid Icarus: Uprising, 2012
Robin - Fire Emblem Awakening, 2012
Lucina - Fire Emblem Awakening, 2012
Isabelle - Animal Crossing: New Leaf, 2012
Greninja - Pokémon X and Y, 2013

Era 6, Wii U Era: 2012-present

Alph - Pikmin 3, 2013

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